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No matter what industry you operate in or business you run – you need packaging. Packaging is used to contain, transport and market your goods, so you’ll want to invest in packaging solutions that meet your specific requirements.

We supply packaging products to the businesses in the hospitality industry, from restaurants and canteens through to food markets and more. Small and large business and industrial markets call on Veloudos Packaging to deliver smart, affordable packaging products.

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Packaging solutions for every stage of production

No matter where you are in your business journey – creating, shipping or selling your product – we’ll provide you with the right packaging materials. We’ve already supplied countless customers with innovative packaging solutions and we’d love to do the same for you.


With a global focus on the need to eliminate single-use plastics, you’ll be pleased to hear that we’re introducing a range of eco-friendly alternatives.

Modern consumers are on the lookout for businesses that use packaging made from sustainable materials. Whether that means paper straws or biodegradable coffee cups, we can supply you with alternative packaging solutions that will impress your customers – and make the planet a cleaner place.


If you search for packaging suppliers online, you’ll be overwhelmed by the huge number of packaging businesses out there. Choosing just one reputable company to supply your packaging is no easy task, so here are some reasons why we believe Veloudos Packaging is right for you:


Exemplary Service

If there’s one thing we know – it’s how to look after our customers. We’re dedicated to providing a superior service and the relationships we’ve built with our customers is proof of that.


No Minimum Order Quantity or Value

We don’t expect you to order a certain amount of stock or stipulate a minimum value for your order. That type of flexibility can make a big difference to a small business.


Daily Deliveries

With vehicles servicing Johannesburg and Pretoria – you won’t have to wait long to get your packaging materials delivered right to your door.


Your PACKAGING SOLUTION is just a click away! Contact us today to learn how we can supply you with the right packaging for your business.